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  • Abortion in the USA

  • The Law
  • Frequency
  • Attitudes to
  • The Truth About Abortion

  • What it really is
  • Abortionists
  • Relevant Statistics
  • The Financial Cost

    Health Issues

  • Breast Cancer
  • Mental Health
  • Siblings
  • Contraception
  • The Pain of Abortion

  • Mental Health
  • Dealing with the Pain
  • Contraception

  • Leading to Abortion
  • Dangers of
  • Pro-Life Organizations

    Abortion in the United States of America

    Abortion is part of the socio-political landscape of the United States, and a correct understanding of it is essential to correctly appreciate the impact it has on this country. People's attitudes to abortion are of interest, as is the legality of abortion in the USA and the means used to justify it. The frequency of abortion in the USA is also significant.

    This Wikipedia article is a good summation of the topic. [Live HMTL version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken in June 2008].