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    Attitudes to Abortion in the USA

    The attitudes to abortion are, of course, examples of extremely polarized opinion. However, information concerning such matters is of vital importance – especially when one learns that a majority of people feel that the current laws are too permissive, and that only a small minority feels that abortion should be available on demand up until birth. It is instructive to consider that the legislation of the United States (which allows for such abortions) is not in step with the prevailing views of the people.

    These figures are provided in this Wikipedia article; "Abortion in the United States - Public Opinion" [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken in June 2008].

    Additionally, attitudes to abortion are also found expressed in the mainstream media. The television show The Cost of Abortion featured a clip from the sit-com “Maude”, but this is just one example of pro-abortion views being pushed on the population. A good example of this would be the language used in the polls [PDF version] asking about abortion. The language used is misleading, causing people to believe that the abortion laws are far less permissive than they actually are.

    Another example of the general “culture of death”, the denigration of the culture of life and the promotion of a contraceptive mentality is the article “Pity the Childless Couple” which uses sarcasm to show how bad children are.

    "Pity The Childless Couple" - a discussion of this article in the popular website Snopes.com. [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken in June 2008].

    This is just one example of the contraceptive mentality being forced on America and the rest of the western world. Other examples would be the extreme sexualization of all forms of mass media, the depiction of sex as an essential rite of passage, as consequenceless and affirming, and the false notion that the best method of preventing STDs is contraception.

    The video below is actual footage of a pro-life demonstrator (who was breaking no laws) being assaulted and attacked by a pro-abortion woman - yet another example of the attitudes to abortion and the pro-life movement in the USA. The truth about abortionists is also relevant here. Warning, this video contains strong language not suitable for children.