The Show

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  • Abortion in the USA

  • The Law
  • Frequency
  • Attitudes to
  • The Truth About Abortion

  • What it really is
  • Abortionists
  • Relevant Statistics
  • The Financial Cost

    Health Issues

  • Breast Cancer
  • Mental Health
  • Siblings
  • Contraception
  • The Pain of Abortion

  • Mental Health
  • Dealing with the Pain
  • Contraception

  • Leading to Abortion
  • Dangers of
  • Pro-Life Organizations

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    Join Michael Voris for a shocking, incisive and thorough analysis of the cost of abortion. Using harrowing and graphic images, as well as economic statistics, Michael illustrates the true cost of abortion to the United States and the western world. This DVD video can be purchased on its own, or accompanied by a data CD (useable in a personal computer) which is packed full of additional information, articles, analysis and information. The Cost of Abortion would be an ideal product for pro-life groups to use, as it does not focus on religious arguments, but rather socio-political and economic arguments against abortion.

    Runtime aprox. 1 hour. DVD video (with optional additional data CD).

    DVD video only $15.00
    DVD plus additional resources CD $20.00

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