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    Frequency of Abortions in the United States

    The banner figure of "one abortion every 20 seconds" which we use for this website is not intended to be a precise figure. Certainly, there are some minutes of the day when more than three abortions are performed, and some when less are carried out. This figure is intended to be an average. It is, however, a relatively accurate average. It is based on the following figures for number of abortions carried out in the United States - which form part of our collected statistics relevant to the abortion industry.

    Accurate figures for numbers of abortions are surprisingly hard to come by - mainly because the only figures available are those for surgical abortions (chemical abortions and those carried out by implanted devices such as the IUD are, for obvious reasons, not recorded as in the vast majority of cases no pregnancy was known about before the abortion occured). Nevertheless, figures for surgical abortions are readilly available. There are two main sources for these - the Alan Guttmacher Institute and the Center for Disease Control.

    (Note that these articles present a decrease in the number of abortions - but this refers to surgical abortions, and masks the increase in chemical and implanted device abortions; a trend which is, ironically enough, behind the falling numbers of surgical abortions.)

    Simple mathematical calculations based on the recent abortion figures will show that, in the United States, a surgical abortion is carried out, on average, once every 20 to 30 seconds (depending on which year's figures are used). No figure is available for the number of chemical or IUD abortions, but this would certainly push the figure to three abortions a minute.

    To make absolutely clear - the figure of "one every 20 seconds" is not intended to be a hard, solid fact; it is a shocking, banner figure designed to contextualize the horror (in the same way the various economic comparisions are). The hard solid fact is not "one every 20 seconds" but "over one point two million every year". That's a figure provided by the abortion industry itself and it is not in dispute.