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    Mental Health Issues Relating to Abortion

    The mental health impact of abortion is severe. Although the pro-abortion camp has cited a number of references (including the fact that various American psychiatric organizations do not recognize post abortive disorder these are the same psychiatric organizations who do not recognize homosexuality as a disorder, remember!) the simple facts remain that abortion scars the women who kill their children. This is hardly surprising who wouldn't suffer mental anguish after killing their own child?

    This March 2008 Times of London article represents the latest (at the time of writing) research into this matter from the Royal College of Psychiatrists [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008].

    A BBC article discussing a study by the University of Oslo [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008].

    This article on MercatorNet discusses the impact of a number of studies. [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008].

    A New Zealand study about the mental health of post-abortive women [PDF Version].