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    The Dangers of the Contraceptive Pill

    The oral contraceptive (“the Pill”) has a poor record – there are many studies which seem to suggest that its use has been implicated in a number of situations where a woman's health has been adversely affected. It is even possible that a number of deaths can be linked to the drug.

    When considered logically, this is hardly surprising – the Pill is a potent cocktail of hormones designed to trick the woman's body into not ovulating. The hormonal balance of a human being is a delicate matter and to tamper with it can have many unforeseen side-effects. It is exceptionally sad that people are so obsessed with the notion of consequenceless-sex that they are prepared to mess around with their internal chemistry and risk death and illness.

    NotMyPill.org - a website which highlights the dangers of certain types of contraception; but which stops short of advocating completely avoiding them! Much of the information is still valuable, however.

    Death, lawsuits and the Pill - a comprehensive article. [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008].

    An article discussing a number of health risks associated with contraception. [Live HTML version] [PDF version].

    The increased risk of stroke associated with certain contraceptives. [Live HTML version] [PDF version].

    A Huffington Post article discussing mental health issues arising from contraceptives. [Live HTML version] [PDF version].

    A poorly-publicised fact is that the Pill does not always work as a contraceptive (i.e. simply preventing contraception) but sometimes in fact functions as an aborifacant (causing an abortion). This article discusses this. [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008].