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    The Truth About Abortionists & Pro-Choice Supporters

    There is a popular notion (spread by the mainstream-media) that those involved with pro-life activities are - as a general rule - hypocrites when it comes to violence. The prevailing view is that pro-lifers often attack, injure or kill abortionists and "pro-choice" advocates. In fact, this is simply not true - the majority of violence is committed by pro-abortion activists against pro-lifers.

    Here is an excellent list of merely some of the violence carried out by pro-abortionists. [Live HTML] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008].

    The video below is actual footage of a pro-life demonstrator (who was breaking no laws) being assaulted and attacked by a pro-abortion woman. Warning, this video contains strong language not suitable for children.

    In addition to these shocking acts of violence, there have been cases of abortionists disposing of aborted babies in dumpsters and elsewhere, in total violation of health-laws and all norms of human ethics. One recent example is the case of Dr. Alberto Hodari in Michigan. [Life HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008].