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    The Link Between Contraception and Abortion

    It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that contraception (designed to prevent pregnancies) would lead to abortion (designed to end pregnancies) but a small application of logic shows that this is, in fact, precisely the case.

    Firstly, contraception is used because people want to be able to have sex without consequences – primarily the consequence of pregnancy (all forms of contraception are designed to prevent pregnancy, not all are designed to prevent transmission of STDs). Contraception is not fully effective – [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008] – and women using various methods often become pregnant. The initial desire and assumption that sex can be had without consequence leads to the desire for abortions.

    Secondly, the simple facts show that many abortions carried out are carried out on women who were using contraception – this article [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008] shows that 42% of women in 1994-1995 who had abortions were not using contraception, which therefore means that 58% were! The notion that “I won't get pregnant” is false and misleading (due to the failure rates cited above) and is directly leading to abortions.

    Finally, as shown in this article [Live HTML version] [Snapshot MHT HTML archive taken June 2008] the contraceptive pill can actively cause abortions, and many methods of birth control (such as IUDs and the “morning after” pill) work exclusively by causing abortions!