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    Help for the Pain of Abortion

    As you will be well-aware, abortion impacts many people the baby who is killed, fathers, mothers, doctors, nurses and family members. And the impact is greater than simply the physical the psychological and emotional scars are great and can lead to depression, anger and even suicide.

    Below are a number of internet links and other contact information which will provide you with excellent resources to deal with the pain of abortion and to help you make the correct choice.

    Please understand that none of these organizations are interested in judging you, trivializing your pain or making you feel worse. Many of them are staffed by people who have suffered the pain of abortion.

    Silent No More Awareness Campaign - the website of a national campaign to raise awareness of the pain of abortion and to provide help and counseling. Silent No More have an extensive page of resources which we strongly recommend for those who are suffering with abortion. There are many, many links here you will certainly find something to help you.

    If you wish to call Silent No More on the telephone, please use the numbers 800-395-HELP or 866-482-LIFE

    Rachel's Vineyard - an organization which is dedicated to staging retreats and other meetings to help people get through the pain of abortion. Rachel's Vineyard provides retreats for both men and women, and to people who have been effected by all aspects of abortion.

    Right to Life - LIFESPAN - an organization based in Michigan offering resources, counselling, advice and a sympathetic ear.

    Resources to locate post-abortive or pregnancy crisis centers across the United States

    We also have a number of links and resources which are specific to Michigan (the State which Saint Michael's Media is based in).

    Professional Counseling for the pain of abortion is available from the following people (by appointment only);

    Christine Elwart MA, LLP chriselwart@jcelwart.com 248-398-2247

    Valerie Lukasik PHD, LLC drlukasik@sbcglobal.net 313-682-4699

    A number of locations in south-eastern Michigan offering pregnancy and post abortive counselling

    As well as resources for those who are suffering the pain of abortion, there are also places that help expectant mothers who are in a vulnerable situation and require support and love.

    Maggie's Place - a house of hospitality for expectant women who are alone or living on the streets and who wish to achieve their goals in a dignified atmosphere.