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    The Cost of Abortion

    Welcome to the website devoted to the television program The Cost of Abortion. This program seeks to present a pro-life message based, not on ethical or religious grounds (although these are, of course, entirely valid and very important reasons for a pro-life stance) but on economic grounds. Simply put, the cost of abortion – even if just counted financially – is just too high.

    To make it very clear, we do not intend to suggest that the financial cost of abortion is the most serious “cost” of this scourge. The simple fact that millions of people are killed every single year is the most serious issue – but the financial impact is something which is rarely considered. As many of those who are “pro-choice” do not seem to be moved by ethical considerations, it is hoped that the financial reality of the cost of abortion will impress upon them the necessity to stop this.

    However, in addition to this website containing economic information, it also has a large amount of other pro-life material. Hopefully, this material will be of interest to the pro-life groups and those who are “pro-choice”, highlighting issues which they had not considered before.

    Although much of this website is Americano-centric, focusing on the United States, the conclusions drawn are applicable to the rest of the world.