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    Statistics Related to Abortion

    Obviously, the central information in The Cost of Abortion is the series of figures - ecomonic and otherwise - which define the true expense of abortion. We have compiled figures from a wide variety of sources, and present the most important of these figures here.

    Number of Abortions

    Accurate figures are surprisingly hard to come by - mainly because the only figures available are those for surgical abortions (chemical abortions and those carried out by implanted devices such as the IUD are, for obvious reasons, not recorded as in the vast majority of cases no pregnancy was known about before the abortion occured). Nevertheless, figures for surgical abortions are readilly available. There are two main sources for these - the Alan Guttmacher Institute and the Center for Disease Control.

    (Note that these articles present a decrease in the number of abortions - but this refers to surgical abortions, and masks the increase in chemical and implanted device abortions; a trend which is, ironically enough, behind the falling numbers of surgical abortions.)

    Population of the United States

    Although not directly relevant to the cost of abortion, the population of the United States and individual States within it is interesting and gives some scale to the abortion holocaust.

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and other ecomonic statistics

    Economics is very complex. However, when dealing with such large numbers as we have been for "The Cost of Abortion" any minor errors are insignificant (when dealing with trillions of dollars, an error of a few million is rather inconsequential!) In any case, we have provided a number of figures and articles which will help the view understand this area of the program.

    For information about GDP, see this Wikipedia article. As this is a "live" article, a snapshot taken in May 2008 has been provided on this website (MHT HTML archive).

    Motherhood Statistics

    Statistics for motherhood are interesting, although not all of them are relevant to our calculations. For a large number of interesting facts (some of which are connected to the rise of abortion and the contraceptive mentality in the USA), visit this website.

    • Average age of a woman having her first child in the USA in 2004 - 25.1. This figure is taken from this CDC document (PDF Version)

    Note that according to this website this figure has risen nearly four years since 1970. Despite this (which would make our final calculations even higher) we have chosen to use the figure of 25 years of age as the average age for first-time mothers throughout the years 1973 to 2007.

    In order to learn how we have used these various statistics to calculate our final figure of GDP cost of abortion, click here.